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TIC Accelerator aims to strengthen the technology ecosystem and innovation of the province and the region and with a focus on startups in the field of ICT, IoT, IoF in cooperation with Kermanshah Science and Technology Park and private sector investment (Zagores Non-Governmental Research and Technology Fund, Nirivi Gharb Company, Mr. Saif Elah Ahmadian, Mr. Mojtabi Gravandi) started their activities in 2015 in Kermanshah and is trying to play a significant role in the growth and formation of ICT, IoT, IoF start-ups in the region and the country with the potential of the private sector and government support

The TIC Accelerator plans to become one of the most reliable and efficient accelerators for technological and innovative startups in the fields of IoT, IoF ICT, and within a period of 3 years, cultivate at least 3 successful startups in Iran’s innovation ecosystem to develop entrepreneurship and create wealth in the country.


The mission of the Tic Accelerator is to identify, attract and empower teams with ideas that fit the Accelerator’s specialized field, as well as reduce the risk of forming successful startups by creating a supportive environment, using the Accelerator’s extensive communication network, the skills and experience of the best and most experienced mentors and coaches, and The specialized acceleration program is based on the identified needs of the target community.


Our goal is to launch a specialized accelerator focusing on the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of Food and Agriculture (IoF), and by emphasizing these topics, the accelerator seeks to meet the needs and goals It is like this:
• Identifying and attracting teams with ideas and empowering them
• Acquaintance of capital owners with new and creative ideas
• Development of the accelerator communication network (talents, investors, mentors and other stakeholders of the innovation ecosystem)
• Reducing the risk of investing in startups
• Gain credibility and reputation for successful accelerator startups
• Encouraging and promoting entrepreneurship and teamwork spirit
• Making money by providing services and nurturing successful startups
• Growth and development of innovation ecosystem
• Active and effective communication with the innovation ecosystem of the country

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