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Tic Accelerator is a center for investing and accelerating startups in the field of technology. In this center, technology management services focus on ideas in the field of IoF(Internet of Farm and Food), ICT(Information and Communication Technologies), IoT(Internet of Things)
Our aim is to help startups who plan to produce products or services that meet a real need of people in the global markets.

TIC Entrepreneurship Accelerator Services


A community of successful entrepreneurs and guides who can help you reach your goals and success by sharing their experiences. Experiences that may be challenges on your way to success.

work space

During the entire deployment period, you can use the shared and fully dynamic space for the success of your idea. During this time, you can have your teammates on a table next to you, without worrying about space for your group work.


Building a successful business requires a lot of time and energy, and it is not possible without the help of a network of programmers, designers, specialists and people in other fields.


During the activity period of each startup in TIC, you will benefit from its educational services based on the pre-specified program. The focus of TIC training is based on the basics of market analysis, MVP construction, participation, investor attraction and governing legal relations.









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Work steps in Tic Entrepreneurship Accelerator

A- Recruiting startups through the official website of the accelerator, the plans provided by the park, the plans provided by the innovation factory and filling out the acceptance form
B- Checking the plans sent in each course, announcing the results to the startups within 1 week at most
C- Signing the pre-acceleration contract and entering the pre-acceleration stage
D- Establishing in the accelerator and using all the services of the accelerator
E- Working on the initial product and completing the business model and starting to formulate a one-year business plan during the pre-acceleration phase and completing the course documents.
Acceleration stage
F- Presenting the startups to the accelerator evaluation and decision-making team after 2 months in order to enter the acceleration stage and attract seed capital
G- Making decisions and announcing the results to startups within a week
H- Registering the company if the result of the arbitration is positive and startups enter the acceleration phase
I- Signing the agreement to enter the acceleration stage, attracting seed capital, becoming a partner of the accelerator in the company's shares and using the services of the accelerator.
J- Preparing and completing the business plan
K- Holding and participation of startups in the final event of the acceleration period or the day of prosperity (exit of the accelerator and negotiation with potential investors)
After acceleration
L- Continue working with the team through regular monthly meetings


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