validation of idea


I have chosen the subject of validation of this article.

Unfortunately, most of the startups don’t attention to it or make mistake.

When you’re sure your startup let’s fix a problem ask yourself this problem will be solved by me and I feel it is a need is it equally big and important to my audiences too?

Is it so important that they are willing to pay for it?

If the answer of this question was negative release it from the beginning because it’s not so important from the viewpoint of your audiences.

But if the answer was positive, congratulation because you know that you have to follow this idea because the rest also feel free in the context that you have chosen.

As I told you at first validation is so important, more important than anything even having a team, without validation or with wrong validation you lose a lot of time, energy and money and probably you are depressed at the end because you have failed.

Then validate before you invest one thousand Toman on your idea and for this purpose try to see the problem, not a specific solution!

There are many ways for validation, just search the internet and get to know with many of them.

For example:

-the poll form

-landing page

-direct interaction with customers


But it’s so important don’t be fanatic and be honest with yourself and think like the customers.